Ice Creams 

The basic ingredients of our ultra-delicious ice creams are fresh, organic, Jersey milk and cream (from a farm near Wellington – about 80 km from Cape Town), organic eggs and a little raw sugar.

The rest of the ingredients are mainly sourced from Winelands' farms and small producers, or it is homemade by Janine from top quality ingredients ( e.g. the koeksisters). We use imported Valrhona chocolate in our exquisite chocolate products.

Cold Gold strives to use as many organic ingredients as possible. Our chocolate ice creams, for example, are infused with real organic cocoa beans and we use only top quality couverture Valrhona chocolate.

We often drive from farm to farm to source top quality fruit, eggs, cream, milk and other ingredients to make sure that only the best goes into your pot of gold with absolutely no, zero, nothing at all, chemicals, preservatives,

 stabilisers, artificial flavourings or colourings!


Cold Gold’s sorbets have the consistency of ice cream because it has a secret ingredient: fruit…and fruit, and … fruit… it is 99% fruit!

We only use fresh fruit that are in season  and we do not add any water, artificial colouring or flavourings, chemicals, stabilizers or anything that’s not … fruit! The only other ingredient added is a tiny bit of sugar to improve the texture and flavour. However, sometimes the fruit is so sweet that it does not even need added sugar. The sorbets are packed with vitamins and can be counted as part of your “5-a-day”!

High Fat Low Carb/Banting/Paleo Ice Creams

Delicious Banting/Paleo ice creams in an array of delicious flavours (Please contact producer for flavours in stock) made with either a dairy- (cream,egg yolks/egg white, xylitol/erythritol (1%) ) or nut milk base (homemade nut milk, dates/xylitol (1%) ). 

All ice creams are made with the freshest possible ingredients! Real organic Jersey cream (from Wellington which is 80 Km from Cape Town), organic eggs and NO SUGAR, only berries/xylitol/erythritol/dates are used as the base of all Cold Gold’s ultra delicious Banting ice creams! The rest of the ingredients are sourced from local surrounding farms, small producers or it is homemade by Janine. Nothing is imported (as far as possible) and Cold Gold's mission is to try to use as much organic ingredients as possible. All chocolate ice creams are infused with real cocoa beans and only the finest organic Valrhona chocolate/cacao powder is used. At Cold Gold we drive from farm to farm daily to source the best quality fruits, eggs, cream, other ingredients and milk to make sure that the best possible ingredients goes into your pot of gold without the chemicals, preservatives, stabilisers, artificial flavourants and colorants!

This ice cream only has 1.8g of Carbohydrates per 4 scoops, so if you are on Dr Tim Noakes’ Diet, also known as the Banting or High Fat Low Carb diet, you can still indulge without the guilt.

Special Dietary Requirements Range

All of Cold Gold’s ice creams can be prepared to suite any dietary requirements (lactose free, vegan, diabetic, Paleo, high-fat low-carb or Banting) using Soya Milk, Nut Milk, Seed Milk, Rice Milk or Goat’s Milk- it is still ULTRA CREAMY AND DELICIOUS! It can also be made RAW and/or VEGAN and/or Paleo/Banting style.

When placing an order, simply tell us for which specific condition the ice cream must be suitable for (e.g. lactose allergy, egg allergy, diabetic, fat free, paleo, high fat low carb or banting) and/or specify which type of milk, sweetener and ingredients should or should not be used to prepare your favourite Cold Gold ice cream and we will adjust the recipe to suit your requirements.

Remember… the flavours listed are flavours that have been made already-yes there are over 500! Should you feel like something different that is not on the list, just contact Cold Gold and we will prepare it especially for you with a smile! =)

We like a challenge!